FAQs and Facts

1.) Who are you, and how can you make a living by doing all this work for free? I don't make my living doing this. I'm actually a Louisville area chiropractor; however, I love cycling and have created this web site with lots of help from area riders. As a chiropractor, I enjoy working with cyclists to help them overcome pain and improve performance levels. You can find more about Preble Chiropractic Offices at http://www.preble.net.

2.) The database includes a ride cue-sheet, a map showing where the ride goes, and a climb profile.

3.) Climb profiles are relative and may look daunting at first glance since even a relatively flat ride will have peaks and valleys on the graph. Just remember to check the maximum and minimum altitudes to get to see how much you really have to climb.

4.) The average Climb ft/mile can give you a good idea of how much you will have to work on any particular ride. 55 to 65 ft per mile is typical for Kentucky.

5.) Ride difficulty ratings are approximate:
#1: Family/Beginner Ride
#2: Mostly flat to rolling, up to 1/3 hills
#3: Rolling, up to 1/2 hills
#4: Rolling, mostly hills, some long, steep grades and/or long mileage
#5: Mostly long, steep hills and/or extremely long mileage.

6.) The database is growing. Eventually, there will be hundreds of rides available. You can help with that. We need more cue sheets. Send us some! We also need volunteers to help with mapping. Contact Us

7.) Is this an official Louisville Bicycle Club web site? No. While most of the contributions to our database are from LBC members, the club does not fund or control this site.

8.) Why have some rides been removed? Out of respect for various Ride Captains' wishes, we have removed certain rides from the database. Some ride leaders have a proprietary interest in keeping their rides unpublished. While legal council has advised us that no one can truly own and restrict a set of directions from point A to point B (a cue sheet,) we do acknowledge that Ride Captains spend many hours developing their routes. If they do not wish to share their creations with other riders except on ride day, then that is their prerogative. We respect their wishes. If at any point, a Ride Captain wishes to have one of their routes removed from our database, all they have to do is ask. But we hope they will do the opposite! We would like to see the database grow even larger. Please send us your routes. If you want credit for the ride, just say so so that we can include your name with the cue sheet.

9.) Why have most rides been renamed to something generic rather than keeping the original ride description? This policy was requested by Louisville Bicycle Club leadership. They did not want the riding public to confuse this web site with the official Louisville Bicycle Club web site.

10.) Why have some rides retained their original names? While we want to respect LBC leadership's wishes, we want even more to respect the wishes of the original ride creators. Certain Ride Captains have insisted that we post their rides with the names unchanged. They are very enthusiastic about our site, but they are also proud of their creations. They want full credit and identification with the routes they worked out. In such cases, we must respectfully deviate from the request of LBC leadership that all our rides remain "generic." This is, unfortunately, a sore point with one or two LBC leaders.

11.) Wouldn't it be great if the bike club adopted this database and referred to our ride descriptions when they made their ride schedule? Yes! This has been a hot topic since June of 2004. Finally, as of May 2011, the Louisville Bicycle Club includes this website in its "Links" page, and allows Ride Captains to refer to rides on this website as part of the official ride schedule.

If you have questions that you would like to see answered here, please Contact Us