Cycling Links:

LBC Logo The Louisville Bicycle Club Kentucky's most active bicycle club Bluegrass Cycling Club Bluegrass Cycling Cub Lexington Area cycling
Southern Indiana Wheelmen Southern Indiana Wheelmen Louisville's friendly neighbor in Jeffersonville, IN Mad Dog LBC Mad Dogs John Paul's tribute to the Mad Dogs, including a brief history
thefredcast The Fred Cast a cycling podcast Sheldon Brown Sheldon Brown a fascinating look at cycling
Mochet Winning Forbidden: The Real History of the Recumbent Bicycle Corsa Wikipedia: The Recumbent Bicycle
Dr. Preble Dr. Preble's website chiropractic care for active cyclists. (Dr. Larry Preble is the creator and webmaster of Steep Ones 100 Steep Ones — A Compilation of Notable Local Hills & Climbs in and around the Louisville Area