1304 - Floyd's Fork Park to Todds Point (32)
0.0 L Out of Parking Lot onto S. Pope Lick Rd
0.2 R Old Taylorsville Rd
1.5 L Fisherville Road
1.6 R KY-148 [Taylorsville Rd]
4.3 L Conner Station Rd
7.8 R Colt Run Rd @ T
8.3 R US-60 [Shelbyville Rd]
8.8 L Webb Rd
13.8 R KY-362 [Aiken Rd]
16.7 R KY-1848 [Todds Point Road]
21.3 L US-60 [Shelbyville Rd]
21.4 R Old Veechdale Rd
21.6 L Rolling Ridge Way
22.0 R KY-1848
22.9 R KY-1399 [Veechdale Rd] just past interstate
25.3 R KY-1399 [Veechdale Rd]
27.1 R KY-148 [Fisherville Rd]
30.7 L Fisherville Road by Post Office
30.8 R Old Taylorsville Rd
31.8 L S Pope Lick Rd
32.0 R Into parking lot

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