15 Miles Heine Brothers
L Staebler
R St. Matthews
R/L @ Westport – stay on St. Matthews
X Shelbyville Rd
X Breckinridge Lane
L Wallace
R Dayton
R/L @ Cannons onto Rock Creek
L Seneca Park Rd
R Beargrass Rd (no sign)
R Scenic Loop
R Ledges
L Lexington
R Spring
R Witherspoon
R River Rd
R Mockingbird Valley Rd
R Hwy 42
L Reservoir or either of the following 2 streets
L Frankfort Ave
R Bauer
X Lexington
L Willis
X Breckinridge
X Shelbyville Rd
R Westport
L St. Matthews Ave
L Staebler to Heine Bros.

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