25 Mile Route-A
From Schellers Bicycle Shop
0 R Harrison (stop sign)
0 L Main Street
0.1 R Maidson Avenue (Becomes Tucker Station)
0.3 L N. Pope Lick
1.8 S (bear slightly L to) Urton (CAREFUL: holes on road)
3.5 X Shelbyville Road
3.6 S English Station Road
4.8 X RR Tracks
4.8 S Old Henry Road
7.2 R Old Henry Road
7.9 L Reamers Road
9 R Old Floydsburg Road
L Old Forest
9.5 R Ash
9.6 L Old Floydsburg Road CAREFUL:curvy and NARROW at points)
9.8 X Maple
S Continue on Old Floydsburg Road to stop sign
11.4 R (bear R/S to) Todds Point Road (1408) (DONT TURN LEFT)
13.9 R Aiken Road
14.3 L Long Run Road/UNMARKED (first left)
16.4 R Long Run Park Entrance
L Veer IMMEDIATELY at the fork
L Veer IMMEDIATELY after the fork
L in park towards the water reserve
16.8 R at Stop sign onto Flat Rock Road
17.9 R Flat Rock Road
19.1 L Aiken
22.3 L Old Henry
X RR Tracks
24.2 R Old Henry
25.3 L Evergreen
25.5 X Shelbyville
25.8 R Old Shelbyville (becomes Main Street)
26.7 R Harrison

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