Schellers Saturday Ride
23.8 miles
RC: Terry P. and Linda D. Donovan

0.0 R Schellers
0.1 L Main Street
0.2 R Tucker Station (dead end)
2.3 L S. Pope Lick
4.3 R Rehl
6.0 R Tucker Station Road
7.3 R Tucker Station
7.7 L Tucker Station (do not go straight)
7.3 R North Pope Lick (CHURCH)
9.1 S Urton
10.9 X Shelbyville Road
  S Becomes English Station
  X RR
12.7 L Stanley Gault (building in front)
  X La Grange (RR)
13.6 S Lucas
14.3 L East Osage
15.5 L Evergreen
15.5 R Station Road
15.6 R Park
15.7 L Bellwood
  X RR
16.1 S Bellwood (See Stop Sign)
16.3 L

IMMEDIATELY North Arbor, Bumps in road, STOP SIGN

16.7 L Arbor Ct.
17.1 R Evergreen
17.3 L Old Henry
18.4 R English Station
  X Shelbyville Road
19.6 S Urton STOP SIGN
21.4 L North Pope Lick Rd
21.7 R Black Thorn Rd (Doug Hills Estate)
22.0 R Kirkham
22.3 R Tucker Station Road
23.7 L Main Street
23.8 R Harrison

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