2902 - Willisburg Century
0.0   Exit front of park
0.6 L KY-1819 [Billtown Road]
3.4 L KY-1819 [Seatonville Road]
5.0 S KY-1819 [Brush Run Road]
7.8 L KY-1531 [Rout Road]
8.3 R Old Heady Road
11.5 L to stay on Old Heady Road
12.0 R KY-3192 [Wilsonville Road]
14.7 R KY-1633 [Elk Creek Road]
16.8 R to stay on KY-1633
20.6 L KY-44
21.2 R KY-55 at light in Taylorsville (Store)
27.4 L KY 1066
33.8 S KY-1873 [Ashes Creek Road]
36.9 L KY-62 (to Chaplin)
37.4 R KY-458 (Store in Chaplin)
37.7 L KY-1754 Willisburg Road
42.4 X KY-555 to stay on KY-1754
47.1 R KY-53 to Willisburg
48.0 R KY-53 in Willisburg (Store)
48.9 R KY-433 [Polin Road]
49.9 X KY-555 to stay on KY-433
53.2   Extreme caution on downhill
56.4 R KY-458 [Mount Zion Road]
59.1 L KY-2775 [Murphy Lane] First left after one lane bridge (unmarked & easy to miss!)
60.5 L KY-2738 [Tunnel Mill Road]
63.7 R KY-55
63.9 R KY-55/62
66.2 L KY-48 at light in Bloomfield (Store)
66.3 R to stay on KY-48
70.2   Store stop in Fairfield
73.1 R KY-633 [Lily Pike Road]
79.1 L KY-44
80.1 R KY-1060 [Plum Creek Road]
85.2 L KY-1319 [Whitfield Road]
87.7 R KY-1531 [Dawson Hill Road] (Store)
88.1 S Dawson Hill Road
89.9 S KY-1115 [Back Run Road]
91.5 R KY-1115 [Broad Run Road]
94.5 L Seatonville Road
95.5 R Shaffer Lane
96.2 L KY-1819 [Billtown Road]
97.4 R Mary Dell Lane
98.0   to parking lot

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