The "Wise Donkey Landing" is an incredibly scenic ride with low or non-existent traffic for much of the route. While a few of the hills may have you climbing like a beast of burden, there is a nice balance of flatlands along river and creek beds.

Along this route, we have seen Red-Tailed Hawks, Blue Heron, Wild Turkey, Red Fox and other critters too numerous to mention.

3007 - Gizmo's Wise Donkey Landing
Westport, Sligo,Wises Landing, Bedford, Sulphur,
Pendleton, La Grange, Westport
55.2 mi, Cumulative Climb: 4117 ft, avg: 76 ft/mile
Start: Westport Park, Westport, KY
Dr. Larry Preble, Cell: (502) 724-8477 Home: (502) 509-2362

Miles Turn Road
0.0 Start Westport Park at Ohio River
0.0 S Main St out of park
1.0 L Eighteen Mile Creek Rd
5.1 L SR 524
5.6 R SR 1488 (Covington Ridge Cutoff)
6.1 S Caution: Steep Downhill
6.9 R SR 1488
7.1 S Big Brown Dog
8.6 L Patton Creek Rd (No Sign)
9.9 L Norville Rd
11.5 L US 42
12.5 L Morton Ridge Rd
16.6 S Caution: Steep Downhill
17.2 Bear R Wises Landing Rd, Ohio River on the Left
20.1 L to stay on Wises Landing Rd
20.4 R SR 754 (Wises Landing Rd)
21.0 R SR 754 Trimble County Power Plant
26.6 R US 42
27.6 L SR 3175 (Sulphur Bedford Rd)
34.3 R SR 1606
34.4 Stop Frank's Place, on the right
34.6 R SR 157
36.7 L US 42
37.5 L SR 153, Marathon - Food, no restroom
39.5 R Pendleton Loop
39.7 R Webbtown Road, Rough RR Tracks
40.6 X Rough RR tracks
41.1 R SR 146 (Lagrange Rd)
45.7 R Walnut Ave
45.8 L E Madison St
45.9 X

SR 53, Becomes W Madison St,
Dr. Preble's Office
, 2ndbldg on rt

46.1 R 4th St
46.8 S becomes Fendley Mill Rd
48.0 S Caution: Steep Downhill
49.5 L SR 53
50.6 L Old Westport Rd
51.7 L US 42
51.8 R SR 524
52.1 S Caution: Steep Downhill
55.2 S Main St
55.2 L Westport Park at Ohio River

L = Left, R = Right, S = Straight, X = Cross,
Red = Caution or Stop, Green =sight worth seeing,
Blue = Body of Water

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