Leslie’s slow and easy ride

Purple lot to Airport/Grade Lane and back
18 miles
0.0 R Out of purple lot onto River Rd
River Road becomes Preston
.5 X Main Street
2.3 R Woodbine
2.4 L Floyd
2.5 R Magnolia
2.7 L First Street
3.3 X Brandeis/Cardinal
Enter U of L campus
R First path – near College of Ed & Human Development
L At first street (unmarked)
R University Club
On your left, pass Red Barn, Student Activities Ctr, go under foot bridge, pass Student Health Ctr, Houchens Bldg – you will be on Brook Street
3.8 L At 4-way stop / Intramural Place
X RR tracks
3.9 R Floyd St. (McDonald’s)
5.4 R Old Park Blvd
6.1 L Woodlawn Overpass (CAUTION: light does not turn unless a car comes)
6.2 R Crittenden Drive
7/0 R To stay on Crittenden
8.5 X Bridge (CAUTION: be care of lips on and off of bridge)
9.0 At Grade Lane turn around to go back down Crittenden
10.9 L At airport to stay on Crittenden
11.7 L Woodlawn Overpass
11.8 R Park
12.5 L (signs say Park & Old Park)
14.0 L Warnock (McDonald’s)
14.2 R Brook Street into U of L Campus
On right, pass Houchens Bldg, Student Health Ctr, Student Activities Ctr, go under foot bridge, pass Red Barn
14.4 L At University Club
14.5 R At stop sign / unmarked street opposite Info Center A
14.6 X Cardinal (sign says “Do not enter” but I always enter anyway)
14.8 R At end of running track
14.9 L Brook
15.9 R Kentucky Street
16.3 L Jackson
17.5 L Main Street
17.6 R Preston (becomes River Rd)
17.8 X Witherspoon
18.1 L Into purple lot
CAUTION: watch for oncoming traffic on left turn into lot
Ride Captain – Leslie Marlin
cell phone 550-7702