4451 - Laconia Lollipop (32 miles)
31.9 mi,
Start: 124 Mulberry St. (Harrison Co. Annex lot)
Cathy Hill and Kirk Roggenkamp
Mile Turn Road
0 L Start @ 124 Mulberry St. (Harrison Co. Annex lot)
0.1 R Beech St
0.1 L Ridley St
0.3 R State Hwy 337
0.4 L Capitol (Old Hwy 135 uphill)
2.3 S Old Hwy 135 (stop sign at Shiloh)
3.8 L Union Chapel Rd
9.2 L to stay on n Old Union Chapel Rd at Watson
10.2 S get ready for steep climb
11.2 R Tobacco Landing Rd
12.9 L Sycamore
13.8 S onto Hwy 11 at stop sign
14.3 R Store Stop (Laconia General Store)
14.3 L East Laconia Rd
15.9 L Kintner Bottom Rd (no sign)
18.7 L Old Goshen Rd (right turn is for metric and century route)
19.2 S at stop sign past cemetary to stay on Old Goshen Rd
20.6 S Union Chapel Rd
28.1 R Old Hwy 135  
31.5 S off Old Hwy 135 onto Capitol
31.8 R Poplar
31.9 L into Annex building lot on Mulberry

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