4475 - Harrison County Happy Hour
24.2 mi, Cumulative Climb: 1646 ft, avg: 68 ft/mile
Start: AG Church 6080 HWY 335 Crandall, IN
Cathy Hill and Kirk Roggenkamp

Mile Turn Road
0 L out of church lot onto HWY 335
0.1 L Crandall-Lanesville Rd (cross RR tracks)
0.9 R bear uphill to stay on Crandall-L-ville
1.5 R German Ridge Rd
3.5 L Hwy 335
3.6 R Circle Rd
5.2 L Hwy 135
5.4 R Lost Creek Rd (cross RR track at 5.5)
8.3 X cross Corydon-Ramsey Rd, remain on Lost Creek
9.3 R Clover Valley Rd
10.9 X cross  Hwy 64 (Caution!) straight on Big John Rd
11.3 R bear right to stay on Big John at Quarry entrance
12.1 S straight at Stop sign (no road sign visible)
12.6 L Whiskey Run Rd
15.8 X cross Hwy 135 (Caution!) to stay on Whiskey Run
16.3 L Oak Park Rd (no sign, watch blind hill at turn)
17.7 R Flatwood Rd (look for Alpaca Farm both right and left)
18.6 S straight at Stop sign to stay on Flatwood
19.1 R Farmers Ln
19.5 L Nardorff Rd
20.1 R Walk Rd
21.2 X cross Whiskey Run to stay on Walk
    (Caution! Blind hill to right)
22.5 L Hwy 64
22.8 R Hwy 335
24.2 L back into church lot
Route is marked with either yellow or pink "anchor arrows"

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