Cades Cove
by Chad Green
64.9 mi, Cumulative Climb: 12185 ft, avg: 188 ft/mile

0.0 L Out of Motel
0.2 L US 441
2.8 R TN-73 [Little River Rd]
19.7 S Cades Cove Rd
27.2 L Cades Cove Loop Rd
27.3 L Into Cades Cove Campground Area
L Into Cades Cove Camp Store
27.4 R Out of Cades Cove Camp Store
27.7 L Cades Cove Rd (Around Loop)
45.2 R TN-73 [Little River Rd]
62.0 L US-441
64.6 R US-321 [East Pkwy]
64.9 R Into Motel

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