Walden Creek Loop + Greentop
by Chad Green
50.3 mi, Cumulative Climb: 7365 ft, avg:146 ft/mile
0.0 L Waldens Creek Rd
0.1 L Goose Gap Rd
4.5 L Sugar Loaf Rd (Caution-blind curve)
8.0 L Cusick Rd (Very narrow road)
8.7 R S Rodger Rd @ SS
9.5 L Dupont Rd @ SS
10.2 BR S Delozier Rd
10.9 L Dupont Rd
11.5 R Dripping Springs Rd @ SS
14.2 L Old Chilhowee Rd
14.8 BR to stay on Old Chilhowee Rd
18.0 R Munsey Hatcher Rd
19.4 L McKenry Rd @ SS
19.5 L Bethlehem Church Rd
20.5 L Bethlehem Rd @ SS
21.4 L Cold Srings Rd @ SS
22.2 R Cold Springs Rd (narrow road)
23.2 S Cold Springs Rd
24.4 L Old Walland Hwy @ SS
26.2 L Old Walland Hwy @ SS (or store, see below)
  Store Right @ SS, go across bridge to store
26.3 L E Millers Cove Rd
32.5 S Becomes Waldens Creek Rd
    Caution: Rough Road on Downhill
39.9 L Goose Gap Rd (just past starting point)
40.3 L Bluff Mountain Rd
44.0 L Tower Rd
44.8   Fire Tower - Turn around and back to school
50.3 F Finish at school

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