Clark Forest Loop
by Melissa"Puddle" Hall
52.0 mi,
Miles Turn Road
0.0 L out of parking lot
.6 L (1st rd. after cross I-65)
.7 L New Franke (T)
2 R at T toward entrance
2.3 R at T
3.8 L Hwy. 31 N (SS)
4 R Hebron Church Road
8 L Beagle Club (no sign, SS. T)
12.1 R Halls Corner Road
13.1 S Underwood Road (SS)
14.3 R Radio Tower Road (SS)
15.1 L Double or Nothing (SS)
18.7 L Lovers Lane (no sign, SS)
20.3 S Becomes Lake Rd. (Traffic lite)
21.3 R S. Lake Road (SS)
22.2 S Lake Road (Traf. Lite)
23.3 S Weir Road
24.1 R Boatman (SS)
27.3 R Dowling Rd. (SS, no rd. sign)
27.5 R Fuel Mart Store Stop
  L out of store
27.6 R 256 W (SS)
33.9 L 39 (SS)
39.3 X 56 (SS)
39.4 L Old 56 (Becomes Bloomington Trail)
40.7 R Zion Rd. (SS) Becomes Bloom. Tr.
42.5   Go through Covered bridge and bear right staying on Bloomington Trail
51.2 R on Hwy. 31 South (SS)
51.6 R into Forestry
52.0 L into Parking Lot

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