Mad Dogs Speak Out!
by Laurence Preble, D.C.

Louisville Bicycle Club's 'Mad Dogs' are a loosely organized group of riders with a common interest in endurance cycling, particularly 100 mile 'Century Rides.' The Mad Dogs were founded by Eddie Doerr, Mike Pitt, Tim Chilton and Bill Pustow in 2001, the 'Mad Dog' moniker stemming from the notion that only the truly mad would be willing to ride 100 miles, even through the harsh cold of the winter months.

In 2004, the Mad Dogs reached a new pinnacle, largely due to the efforts of Tim Chilton who created the now famous, ' Tour de Mad Dog ' competition. Mad Dog participants were spurred on to new accomplishments, some riding 20 official Centuries during the season, and a few, such as Jim 'Grizzly' Moore, riding many additional unofficial centuries. Jeff White won the TMD competition for the male riders. Susan Howell took the prize for the female riders, and in so doing, set a new club mileage record surpassing all previous female and male riders. Susan rode well over 10,000 miles with the Louisville Bicycle Club in one season!

One of the best ways to find out what it takes to be an endurance cyclist, is to read some of the Mad Dogs' own words. If a desire to test your personal limits is part of what motivates you to excel, then you will relate to the stories of LBC's Mad Dogs.

Eddie Doerr

An Essay by Eddie Doerr

Melissa 'Puddle' Hall

An Interview with Melissa 'Puddle' Hall

Dick 'Grasshopper' Krakowski

An interview with Dick 'Grasshopper' Krakowski

Jim 'Grizzly' Moore

An Interview with Jim 'Grizzly' Moore

John Paul aka 'Art Dog'

An Interview with John 'j. art dog' Paul


Double Dog Flash

An Interview with Flash! of Double Dog/ Flash, Vicky Dobbs

Deb Sexton

An Interview with Deb Sexton



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